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About us

Solapromo was established in 2008 by a group who  is fond of gift and promotion marketing business. Solapromo has engaged in gift and promotion for about 10years.

provide the best solutions to make customized gift and promotiong products.

Our Mission:

1. Produce Best quality custom products at reasonable prices.
2. Deliver on time & on budget shipping method.
3.Thousands of  stock products for simple OEM LOGO.
4. Ensure the products exactly the same as your designs.
5. Fastest delviery time.

Our Advantages:

1. Good quality and competitive price than your suppliers.
2. Professional in gift and promotion products marketing.
3. Fix any mistake responsibly and efficiently.
4. Our team is enthusiastic, diligent and efficient.

Responsibility and trust are keys to serve our customers. Just give us one chance, we will help you to extend your market potential.


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