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  • 3D Quick dry POLO
3D Quick dry POLO

3D Quick dry POLO

  • SL-001
  • Product description: 3D Quick dry POLO,sportwear polo

Product name: 3 D Digital polo T shirt

material:180g permanent drying 93% nylon 7% polyester fiber technology: perspiration breathable, one-line weaving,

Available color: White blue black fluorescent green

size: m-3xl spot supply regardless of gender

Characteristics: 3D digital T-shirts, using the most advanced Italy imported full computer digital program control equipment, Italian high-tech functional fabric, according to ergonomics design and development of a permanent fast-drying t-shirt. 3D trimming plate-making technology, one-line weaving, seamless, with perspiration breathable, tightening or relaxing tension function


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